Thursday, January 30, 2003


I've been wondering just how many other weblogs there are out there dedicated to different aspects of new (non-pop) music: twentieth century and contemporary 'classical', improv, progressive jazz, electronica, conceptual, out/post-rock and so on. Enquiries haven't thrown much up. (mentioned before and always worth a visit) has been around since '94 and is an honoured companion of NFE with a special interest in post/minimalism. There are a few good jazz-logs, like Erg. But not many with a real new music twist... One highly intriguing and rewarding recent find is DJ Martian's page. It is extremely well organised and documented. I'll let the good deej describe the genre-bending nature of its interests him/herself:

"A diverse .. positive weblog for the discerning listener with an interest in creative artistic music across the contemporary sound spectrum, including: Jungle/drum 'n' bass, industrial/ electro-industrial/ ebm, synth pop/ electroclash, dark metal, darkwave/ gothic/ ethereal, shoegazer/dream pop sounds, techno/tech house/deep house/progressive house, psychedelic trance, electro, breakbeat/ nu skool breaks, art-rock/ avant rock/ electro-rock/ epic alt-rock/ experimental rock/ kraut rock/ math rock/ post-hardcore/ post rock/ space-rock, IDM/ experimental electronics/ ambient/ glitch sounds/ folktronica/ downbeat, Leftfield instrumental electronified hip-hop, hardcore/ metalcore/ noisecore, post punk, Kozmigroov, electronic/ avant jazz, dub and many other hybrids and musical mutations."

Well, that's enough categories to be getting on with... And in case you were wondering about Kozmigroove [there's this link]. A fabulous playground of stuff... Happy trawling....

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