Tuesday, January 14, 2003


From Steve Layton:

At Music Now: Worldwide there is an hour of newer contemporary music and performances of all kinds, in both broadband and dial-up MP3 streams (or you may download many of the pieces to keep, or even e-mail the composers or performers directly). To listen uninterruptedly, just click on the "play all tracks now" button at the start of the station playlist. The show will be up for a couple weeks.

In honour of a concert on 16 January 2003 in New York City, devoted to his own music, this episode features the works of a single composer, Stefan Hakenberg. Many of the pieces on the show are the same ones that will be heard at the concert. Hakenberg was born in Germany, studied there and in the U.S., spends a lot of time in Korea, and currently runs a respected music festival in Juneau, Alaska.

The programme: ‘Sir Donald’ (baroque cello, kayagum, and changgu);‘Shafe Waschen’ (solo piano);‘Stump’ (two cellos);‘Three Zithers and Pair of Scissors’(koto, kayagum, changgu, and guzheng);‘Zerrende Geister’ (clarinet, cello, and piano), and ‘Like Juicy Peaches’, (four cellos plus video).

This news via rec.music.classical.contemporary. See also Layton at NIWO.

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