Monday, January 27, 2003


The Trans Atlantic Horn Quartet (yup, that’s how they render it) comprises Michael Thompson, Richard Watkins, David Ohanian, and Skip Snead. On their latest recording they offer a live and unedited performance of Tippett’s 'Horn Quartet'; Hindemith’s 'Horn Quartet'; Vinter’s ‘Hunter’s Moon’ (Watkins); Kirchner’s ‘Lament for Orfeo’ (Thompson), and more. It can be ordered in the UK at the Paxman site. (Note that the Michael Tippett website gives the wrong URL.)

The TAHQ is dedicated to a multi-part musical mission. It seeks to expand the existing repertoire through commissions and other means, while promoting the mainstays of the horn quartet literature. In addition, concerts may be tailored to include standard works for three horns, for two horns, or for solo horn.

TAHQ's main teaching effort has been a multi-faceted seminar offered each year. The Summer Seminar 2003 (June 8th - June 14th, 2003) will provide hornists with a variety of experiences, including private lessons, daily masterclasses, daily ensemble coachings, daily orchestral reading sessions, and opportunities for solo and ensemble performance. Most evenings will feature a concert by the Quartet or some its members, guest artists, and Seminar participants. A printable application form can be found on their website.

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