Friday, January 17, 2003


Title: ‘Unwired: Latin America’
Artists: Various
CD 5 November, 2001
Number of Discs: 1
Label: World Music Network 0001076RGN

Back in the 1980s going to listen to concerts by exiled Chilean band Inti Illimani (‘Sun from the Mountains’) was de rigeur in politically progressive circles. How delightful, then, to hear ‘La Festa Eres Tu’ once more on this imaginative (though, sleeve note wise, poorly documented) collection of Latin American music. Appropriately enough, given Inti’s stirring consciousness-raising, the proceeds of this 17 track 67’29” album, produced by the World Music Network, go to Amnesty International. It features a wide circumference of the region’s cultural depth and musical talent, from well-known performers through to much more obscure ones. There is no Victor Jara, but good snatches of Nestor Marconi and Julie Freundt, for example. Among the multitude of styles represented are samba, tango, vallenato, panpipes and a plethora of song styles. Well worth a listen, especially for those less familiar with Latin music.

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