Friday, January 10, 2003


Walter Ekelin writes (in

"This year's Grammy nominations has been announced, and among the more contemporary classical ones, we find:

Osvaldo Golijov's Yiddishbuk, EMI Classics 57356
Arvo Pärt's Orient & Occident, ECM New Series 4720802
Sofia Gubaidulina's Strasti po Ioannu (St. John Passion) Hänssler Classics CD 98405
John Tavener's Lamentations And Praises, Teldec 0927 413422
John Adams' Naive And Sentimental Music, Nonesuch Records 79636
Valentin Silvestrov's Leggiero, Pesante, ECM New Series ECM4618982
Giya Kancheli's Styx, DG 471494
Sofia Gubaidulina's Viola Concerto, DG 471494
Harrison Birtwistle's The Woman And The Hare etc, Black Box BBM1046
Pierre Boulez' Pli Selon Pli, DG 471344

So who's missing? Personally I'd nominate Xenakis Orchestral Works vol 2 on Timpani."

I've added the links above, for reference. You can look up the discs on Amazon yourself this time! I'd go for Boulez or Birtwistle myself, but don't watch this space (though come to think of it, Boulez has already won 17 G's so far). I imagine Tavener might win something this time, though his Apocalypse was the last thing I really appreciated (live at the Proms). The Pärt is enjoyable, too. I haven't heard many of the others.

Thinking of Pli Selon Pli, I don't intend to contribute to the iconoclastic Pierre Boulez Project established by Josh Ronsen, unless they'll allow performers to salvage discs too. But the whole thing is amusing - and I'm tempted to volunteer for a little turntablism before the Great Deconstruction takes place. I hope Boulez responds by writing the Ronsen Variations... The public reactions to Ronsen are here, and you can drop a note to the creator of this glorious conceptualist work, if you so wish: Or just keep the New Music Connoisseur thread going here.

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