Saturday, January 18, 2003


Talking of The Guardian's Friday arts pages (see John L Walters, below), there are a couple of good music pieces in today. James Meek profiles the celebrated Russian Composer Sergei Prokofiev in 'Out of Stalin's Shadow' (it tries to put the controversy in the context of his music, rather than the other way round). The Prokofiev Page is here.

Meanwhile there's a slightly sad and wistful piece by Nigel Williamson (editor of Tribune in a past life) on Ry Cooder and his ongoing relationship with Cuban roots music, made famous by the film and CD of the Buena Vista Social Club. His article 'Adios Amigos' makes it plain that, unfortunately the beligerence and dogmatism of the current US administration - no insult to Americans intended, I'm married to one! - seems to have put a brake on further collaborations in the near future.

Both of these pieces raise the continually knotty question of the relationship and responsibility of art to society and vice versa. I have no doubt that I'll feel inclined to pontificate on this one in some future NFE offering... but you are spared right now.

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