Friday, January 10, 2003


Album: ‘Alleluias’
Artist: Peter Wilton
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Panic/ATC/Wilton

Alleluias’ follows one genre of Gregorian Chant, the Alleluias sung before the Gospel at Mass, through the ages, from the earliest examples dating from Charlemagne's Frankish Kingdom in the eighth century, to the Neo-Gallican Chant of the 18th century. There are twelve tracks, including alleluias sung at each of the three Christmas masses, at midnight, at dawn, and in the morning.

Tracks include examples of the various embellishments to the chant: Tropes (extra text with its own music commenting on the alleluia text), Prosulæ (the addition of extra text to the alleluia melody itself), Sequences and Proses (the addition of long melodies to the end of an alleluia, and the addition of text to the new melody). There are two examples of polyphony (versions of alleluias in two parts, with a counter melody added), one from Anglo-Saxon Winchester, the other a later example from Notre Dame in Paris. There are two examples with rhythmic tropes which resemble "folk" melodies.

Also featuring Nigel Eaton on Hurdy Gurdy, and the singing of Lucie Skeaping, Matthew Vine and Edward Caswell.

‘Alleluias’ is available for £10 + p&p from

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