Friday, September 19, 2003


Just what happens to be closest to the sound system right now, including a number of borrowed and blue items which will shortly be finding their way back to a rightful owner.

Duo 46, 'Untaming The Fury' (Summit Records, 2002) -- review to follow
Andy Sheppard, 'Delivery Suite' (BlueNote, 1994)
Michael Tippett, 'The Ice Break' (Virgin Classics, 1991)
Anne Dudley / BBCCO, 'Club Classical' (BBC, 2003)
Akira Inoue, 'Tokyo Installation' (AI, 1986)
Airto Moreira and The Gods of Jazz, 'Killer Bees' (B&W, 1993)
Onion Jack, 'Country Miles' (Mrs.Vee, 2003)
Harrison Birtwistle, 'Earth Dances' (Collins Classics, 1993))
Allan Holdsworth, 'Hard Hat Area' (Cream, 1993)
Jason Rebello, 'A Clearer Day' (Novus, 1990)
David Torn, Mick Karn, Terry Bozzio, 'Polytown' (CMP, 1994)
The Mahavishnu Project, 'Live Bootleg' (Aggregate Music, 2002)
Art Bears, 'Winter Songs' / 'The World As It Is Today' (Arcades Music, 1979-1980).
Thomas Ades, 'Powder Her Face' (EMI Classics, 1998)
Yes, 'Tales From Topographic Oceans' (Rhino, 1973/2003)

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