Monday, September 15, 2003


Thom Yorke: ""We stole a whole lot of Polish composer Penderecki's string ideas. Rock arrangements haven't changed much since the days of The Beatles and 'Eleanour Rigby'. And if bands do want to get weird things with strings, they just put them through FX. We've found all these composers that are still getting new sounds out of violins. On the last chord of our song 'Climbing Up The Walls', there's this block of white noise when 16 violins are playing quarter tones apart from each other. It's the most frightening sound - like insects or something. But it's beautiful. We used to play Messiaen over the sound system before a gig..."

Radiohead Play Manchester on Saturday 22 November 2003, Newcastle (23), Cardiff (24), London Earls Court (26), Nottingham (29). Tickets: 0871 2200 260.

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