Sunday, September 14, 2003


NFE has just updated and extended its permanent links (below the archive, on the left). The twenty-three new or revised links include:

Avant Music News (from Mike Borella), Greg Sandow (music critic), Postclassic (the one and only Kyle Gann), European Jazz Research Network (as on the can), Women Write Music (C2oth composers, etc.), Cool Noise (indie and beyond), Kyle Gann (composer, critic, raconteur -- his home site), Christine Tobin (amazing jazz vocalist), Stefan Beyst (music critic), Adey Grummet (soprano supreme), Ben Wolfson (critical playlists), Gyorgy Ligeti (composer), Asaf Sirkis (drummer, composer), Electric Walrus (Alex Temple et al), London Musicians Collective (as on the can), Resonance FM (radio in resistance), Verge Music (alternative distributor), Classical CD Review (as on the can), Squidco (independent, unusual), Signal To Noise (improv magazine), Digitonal (electronica revisited), Suzanne Vega (folk hero), Onion Jack (indie indefinable), and The Curates Egg (vocal extravaganza).

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