Thursday, September 04, 2003


Good news from fine and eclectic British jazz guitarist Deirdre Cartwright. I'd asked whether there were any plans to re-release the superb Guest Stars albums from the 1980s, which are currently only available on vinyl for dedicated record hunters.

Deirdre replies: "Weird coincidence, we had just got together and decided that we’ll be releasing a compilation CD next year and we hope to do a short UK tour to support this (probably May 2004). 20 years since the release of the first Guest Stars album! Not sure of release details /gig dates yet but we’re working on it."

She adds: "Incidentally, I’ll be in the studio in November recording new CD with 3/4 vocal numbers. Reflecting some of the material we previewed on the Looks like Jazz tour. Hope to do some live dates later on next year."

NFE reviews of Cartwright's three solo albums are also on Amazon. Watch this space for further information - and check out Deirdre's page and the other information on Blow the Fuse.

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