Friday, September 05, 2003

[179.1] QUOTA

"What I love in Coltrane's playing is the fluency, and the ideas. It's all so organic and primal - and that's what's lacking from the hi-tech, fast food music made now." -- Raoul Bjorkenheim (musician)

"If Lee Perry wants his mixing desk to take him over, is that so different from a Zen artist who becomes his brush so that a picture can paint itself?" -- Robin Newton (writer)

"Music does something beautiful that can't be expressed in words, which is why we do it... When I was younger I detested classical music, but now I've realised there's quite a lot going on there. If only that Mozart had had a good drummer." -- Keith Richards (yes, the Stoned one)

""This is my brand new song: lightning and thunder, hailstone, brimstone and fire, music, hurricane and tidal wave judgement. Mixed by earthquake, produced by flood." -- Lee 'Scratch' Perry (turntablist)

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