Saturday, November 29, 2003


Remiss of me not to mention before the three-part series on BBC Radio 3 exploring the influence on, and presence of, jazz in the music of the late Frank Zappa. It started last week in the Jazz File slot and is hosted by journalist and cultural commentator Charles Saar Murray. The lastest instalment runs at 18:00 this evening (UK time) and will be available for a week over the intenet on the BBC playback service. No doubt the whole series will be archived and analysed for us by some zealous Zappaologist in the near future...

"The second programme focuses on the role Zappa's star sidemen played in creating his unique music. As a bandleader Zappa was like Ellington in the way he assembled groups of virtuoso musicians and then wrote compositions for them to play which would highlight their individual strengths. He always wrote pieces which allowed his sidemen to shine."

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