Thursday, November 06, 2003

[219.1] A LA MOOG?

Synth guru Bob Moog's latest mass market product, PianoBar, which was launched at NAMM on 28 October and hits the stores this month, transforms virtually any 88 key acoustic piano into a MIDI controller. According to November's edition of The Wire, a film project involving a range of left-field electronica worthies is now underway (a kind of follow-up to 1994's 'Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey', perhaps). But the weblink they include seems dead at the moment, and nothing has turned up in my online searches so far...

Meanwhile, check out Rob Hochschild's interview at the Berklee College of Music site, and, er, an intriguingly terrifying project called Thelonius Moog - a sort of 'beep bop' tribute. If you hated Wendy Carlos in an admiring sort of way (and who didn't), this could really press your auto-destruct button... Is Moog a stylist for the new or an engine of kitsch? You decide... and send a postcard to the delightfully eccentric JahSonic, maybe.

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