Friday, November 28, 2003


De profundis from Utne. Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein's only known musical composition -- just a handful of notes -- was performed in London the other day. Say the Utne web-observers:

"Lasting less than thirty seconds, four bars of music Ludwig Wittgenstein scrawled on a notebook in 1931 was given life for the first time in what The Independent's Simon Tait calls, "little more than a powerful, fiery flourish." The two-line score, titled Leidenschaftlich (in English, "Passionate"), is no undiscovered masterpiece. Says composer Anthony Powers, "We haven't found a snatch of a lost great work. But it's like the continuation of an incomplete sentence, as if he had started to say something and hadn't the words to finish it, and turned to music. That's what is really interesting."

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