Monday, November 03, 2003


On 6 November 2003 (and every other Tuesday) the Zapaduchi duo perform traditional Russian music at Red Square Restaurant in Exeter, proving that creative music turns up in all kinds of unexpected places. This caught my interest because I have just moved to Devon... and because I dined at Red Square the other evening. A very pleasant experience.

Zapaduchi features John Holden on prima Balalaika with Basil Bunelik on accordion. John is one of the few virtuoso balalaika players in western Europe. He has played professionally for over twenty five years touring with dance companies such as Kasatka Cossacks all over the world. He teamed up with Basil Bunelik and Jonathan Coudrille in 1993 to play a residency at the Royal Savoy in Switzerland. They have performed a variety of venues across England since then.

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