Friday, December 05, 2003


If you missed their November 2003 tour, you'll be glad to hear that eclectic vocal ensemble The Shout return to London's Drill Hall from 13-21st this month with their Christmas show -- it sold out last year. Acapella material is sourced from New Testament Apocrypha, Jean Cocteau, Brian Eno, Robert Scott (the polar explorer)... and a scientific analysis of the problems of flying reindeer. Or should that be musicological? You'll just have to find out...

Effortlessly combining jazz, gospel, blues, contemporary, operatic, Indian and classical voices, The Shout do things choirs normally don’t do while pushing the boundaries of what a choir might be.

"Ensemble sound and attitude like no other. Entertaining, funny and deadly serious."

For booking information and the usual blather, go to the Drill hall site. If you're just too far away from London to contemplate this one, you could always pick up a Shout CD. See also this natural voice resource list.

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