Monday, December 01, 2003


Amidst the bland corporatization of music in the everyday world we know as Entertainmentville Inc, the web continues to offer byways of unexpected sound. One such is the fine weblog be-jazz, which insists on "reporting from the trenches of the Belgian jazz scene." Not too warlike a culture, fortunately, but be-jazz profiles it well (and in English): reviews, links, recordings and opinion runs free. There's a thought piece on jazz-in-the-feet and its relation to jazz-in-the-head, for example.

Also crossing my path for the first time recently is Schizoidman, "A mind-altering journey through one muso-geek's ever-growing record collection." Given the Crimsoid title it won't surprise you to know that this includes alt and prog rock, among other diversions. Nifty design, too. I must figure out how to brighten up NFE. Any advice or HTML workarounds welcome. I prefer to spend my time in the concert hall or at the console, so those techie skills are a slow train coming.

Much excitement when I saw a weblog called Difficult Music a few minutes ago. But it doesn't seem too preoccupied with either the sonic or the complex, let alone the two together. Perhaps I'll have to trawl bl.ogs favourites again, continuing that endless quest for informative and interesting new music qwertys.

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