Wednesday, December 03, 2003


3D Music, a Braunarts project, is an innovative, interactive performance space combining specially commissioned music and visual images. Composer Sam Hayden worked with 3D artist Eduardo Carillo and creative director Gabi Braun to come up with the idea. It was launched with a concert a year ago under the direction of Gillian Moore (artistic director of the London Sinfonietta), Terry Braun (director of Braunarts) and coder Adam Hoyle.

The site includes technical suggestions for its use and appreciation. It works best on a fast games level / multimedia enabled computer. Broadband is a necessity (obviously), and the site is supported by NTL. There are six different performance spaces.

Says Hayden: "A visual element certainly makes music more consumable although there is a risk that this is at the expense of the music itself. Despite some reservations, the use of multi-media in non-classical venues (e.g. clubs, art spaces, theatres etc) was one of the ideas behind Rout, an ensemble that I formed with Paul Newland and Paul Whitty in 1995. It is certainly an effective strategy as our first performance was a sell-out, bringing new music to an audience educated in the contemporary arts but rarely present at traditional new music venues." (See the full spnm 'New Notes' article here.)

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