Tuesday, May 20, 2003


Notorious-but-nice soprano Adey Grummet writes: "Another gig... Kombat Opera Klubneit is part club, part psycho recital. Richard Thomas ('Tourette's Diva' and 'Jerry Springer - The Opera') unleashes his epic urban song cycle. Very weird. Very funny. See you there? I'm the one who's not a goth or in bling. I'm in a caftan." Details: Friday 23 and Saturday 24 May at the Battersea Arts Centre in London. Box Office 020 7223 2223.

Adey can also be heard on the new CD from multi-voice orchestra The Shout, 'On Arrival'. She lends her time to spnm (what used to be called the Society for the Promotion of New Music, but is now more lower case and less prosaic...). And she was fabulous in the BAC's 'Jerry' too. See NFE on the latest JS production.

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