Tuesday, May 13, 2003


Judith Weir’s ‘String Quartet’, of which I am rather fond, gets a rare broadcast outing on BBC Radio 3 in the early hours of Friday 16 May (though you’ll find it in the schedules for 15th) at 17.25. The programme is ‘Through the Night’, a regular slice of classical turntablism which tends to get less conventional as the wee hours progress… or at least to throw in the odd nugget of contemporary grit. [Not a mixed metaphor if your brunch is American-style, I should point out.]

The BBC Radio 4 interview with ex-Tony Blair guitar accompanist Mark Ellen has been preserved on the web by those terribly efficient Frippian archivists, FraKctured. “We've got the soundclip over at: http://www.frakctured.net. You'll find it in the FraKctured Files section and it is called uglyrumours.mp3.” Thanks to Darren ‘Vroom’ for pointing this out on rec.music.progressive.

A follow-up letter in the Guardian on Saturday observed, drily: “If only Tony Blair's favourite King Crimson track had been ‘In the Court of the Crimson King’, (‘Rock on Tony’, G2, May 7), he might have proved to be a much sounder socialist.” Tim Skelton, Bury St Edmunds. ...{cough}...

[See 139.3: NFE, Wednesday, May 07, 2003]

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