Friday, December 20, 2002


Sunday Evenings 9-11pm. Public Radio RTR FM (92.1)
Perth, Western Australia
Contemporary classical, experimental, electronic,
industrial, ambient, noise, etc.
Presenters: Bryce Moore and Sarah Combes.

'Welcome to the Difficult Listening Hour, the spot on your dial for the relentless and impenetrable sound of difficult music ...'
Laurie Anderson, from 'Home of the Brave'

'One of the most zealous supporters of contemporary music broadcasting...'
John L Walters, The Guardian

Public radio RTR FM is now broadcasting over the internet, 24 hours a day. Follow the Real Audio link from the Difficult Listening page, shown in the .sig below. If you want to catch Difficult Listening in particular, it goes to air at 1.00pm Sunday GMT, 9.00am US Eastern Time, and 6.00am US Pacific time.


15 December 2002
Presented by Sarah Combes

Pierre-Andre Arcand
The circle of drums (4' 47")
CD: The Animal Machines (OHM/Avatar: ohm/avtr 015)

Arc (5' 36")
CD: Crucible (Malignant: VIRUS 03CD)

Halim El-Dabh
Element, Being and Primeval (7' 26")
CD: Crossing into the Electric Magnetic (Without Fear: WFR 003)

Jethro Tilton
Night (6' 6")
CD: Somatic Dosing Unit (Beautamous Loaf: BLICD003)

Domenico De Clario
I went to the doctor (16' 41")
CD: Shaker Road: Quit Existing (Nonplace Recordings: efa27310-2, non10)

clipper (8' 21")
CD: tri repetae (Warp: cd38)

Ravenous (4' 56")
CD: Horse Rotor Vator (Some Bizarre: ROTA CD1)

Cevin Key
Greenhouse Gases (7' 23")
CD: Music for Cats (Metropolis: MET 075)

Aphex Twin
Phlange Phace (6' 57")
CD: The Aphex Twin Classics (R & S recordings: RS 95035 CD)

Skinny Puppy
Love (4' 12")
Stairs & Flowers (6' 59")
CD: Mind: The Perpectual Intercourse (Nettwerk Productions: W2 30005)

Attalal (5' 27")
CD: Furnace (Cleopatra: CLEO 9644-2)


8 December 2002
Presented by Sarah Combes

Anon (Trad)
Kofu Yataiyabashi (8' 36")
CD: Matsuri (Celestial Harmonies: 13081-2)

Martin Bartlett
Hexachords (11' 33")
Peter Hannan, soprano recorder; Buchla 400 computer-controlled synthesiser
CD: Burning Water (Periplum: P 0020)

Cluster (5' 46")
CD: Crucible (Malignant: VIRUS 03CD)

Mort aux Vaches (40' 45")
CD: Mort aux Vaches (Staalplaat: )

Hideko Kawamoto
Night Ascends from the Ear Like a Butterfly (8' 15")
CD: Sonic Circuits VII (Innova: 116)

Derek Thunes
Blues (3' 37")
Kronos Quartet
CD: In Formation (Reference: RR-9CD)

Urban Chillage (4' 12")
Chateau Plateau (4' 27")
CD: Music For Grass Bars (Hypnotic: CLP-9966-2)

Monte Cazzaza
The Womb is a Happening Thing (Pro-Choice Mix) (6' 12")
CD: Power Versus Wisdom, Live (Side Effects: DFX 15)

The Birthday Party
Deep in the Woods (4' 35")
CD: The Birthday Party Hits (Shock Records: CAKE5)

Einsturzende Neubauten
Yu-Gung (Futter mein Ego)
Half Man
CD: Some Bizarre (Bart: CD 331)

Skinny Puppy
Tormentor (4' 21")
CD: Too Dark Park (Nettwerk/Capitol Records: CDP 7946832)

Spacelab (6' 48")
CD: The Man Machine (Capitol Records: CDP 7 460392)

I Prefer (3' 52")
CD: The Land of Rape and Honey (Sire: 925799-2)


These playlists are stored cumulatively (for the last three months) at the website listed below. Contact DL if you want to receive them by email. If you have some music that you think DL might be interested in broadcasting, on tape, CD or vinyl, don't hesitate to get in touch.
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