Sunday, December 15, 2002


For the past two years Martin Taylor has been recording some of the historic guitars from the Chinery Collection with Steve Howe. He embraked on a solo tour of the US earlier in the year which culminated in a concert with Steve at the National Museum of American History, where he played some of the guitars from the famous Blues Guitar Collection which is housed at the Smithsonian Institution.

The Washington Post remarked in its first Performing Arts Column: "No matter how complex or daring, Taylor's interpretation never short change the melodies; indeed, his remarkably fluid touch imbues a seamless beauty. Taylor is something to behold." He was also featured in an All Star Concert with George Benson, Kenny Burell and Larry Coryell.

Henry Potts writes: “Masterpiece Guitars, a collaboration between Steve Howe and Martin Taylor recorded in early 1996 and produced by Howe, is finally to be released by P3 Music in Feb 2003 (in Europe). Prior to general release, a limited edition series were available at the Classic American Guitar Show (Plainview, NY; 4-5 May), which Howe attended, and now via 20th Century Guitar Online magazine.”

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