Saturday, December 28, 2002


NewFrontEars is pleased to be a new member of the Art Music Webring, which contains sites that deal with music history, theory, performance, and education. The ring includes pages on composers, genres of classical music, specific instruments, teaching of instruments, voice, choral, orchestral and or other musical media under the general umbrella of ‘classical’ or ‘art’ music in Western culture. It was created in September 1998 and has 187 active member sites.

The Art Music Webring is maintained by composer Peter Ware. He has some excellent sound samples on his page.

The webring project as a whole went independent of Yahoo! recently and is self-funding. You can make a credit card or Paypal donation if you want to help.

Other good music webrings I have noticed include the Women Composers Network and the Early Music Network.

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