Sunday, July 01, 2007


The Shout are back in the rehearsal room and the workshop to prepare for joining with Streetwise Theatre and the Almeida to explore the world of folksong. Streetwise develop creative performing projects with homeless people, and their work to date has won much critical artistic acclaim as well as being acknowledged as some of the most innovative collaboration with those who are homeless.

My good friend and Shout luminary Adey Grummet (pictured) says: "The rather wonderful Emma Bernard will be masterminding the whole event and whatever glorious thing this project ends up being will be performed in the Almeida theatre at 8pm on July 21 and 4pm & 8pm on July 22, 2007.

"The Shout are also currently waiting for the final funding news for their autumn UK tour. A newly devised theatre piece, Fingerprint, also directed by Emma Bernard, it deals with the multilayered and kaleidoscopic aspects of identity. Stay tuned and pray hard for them! Details of all this will be here as well as on The Shout's own website." You can sign up to receive regular info.

Adey was also a leading light on the fabulous Kombat Opera mini-series on BBC2, which will hopefully be re-airing at some point. From the people who (originally) brought you Jerry Springer - The Opera, only even better.

Picture of Adey Grummet (c) Jim Four, 28 Woolwich Road, London SE10 OJU. Used with grateful acknowledgement. Give him some more work now.

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