Friday, June 06, 2003


'Difficult Listening' -- Sunday Evenings 9-11pm. Public Radio RTR FM (92.1) Perth, Western Australia
Contemporary classical, experimental, electronic, industrial, ambient, noise, etc.
Presenters: Bryce Moore and Sarah Combes.

Public radio RTR FM is now broadcasting over the internet, 24 hours a day. Follow the Real Audio link from the Difficult Listening page. If you want to catch Difficult Listening in particular, it goes to air at 1.00pm, Sunday GMT, 9.00am US Eastern Time, and 6.00am US Pacific time.


J.B. Floyd
Solos and Sequences II (7' 59")
J.B. Floyd, disklavier
CD: Transporting transmittance: the Music of J.B. Floyd (Mutable Music: 17512-2)

David Franzke
CC Kid (6' 48")
Oren Ambarchi
Kozel (6' 6")
CD: Strewth! An abstract electronic compilation from Australia and New Zealand (Synaesthesia: SYN002)

Tim Catlin
Metal Fatigue (12' 15")
CD: Slow Twitch (Dr Jim's Records: 034)

David Brown
Voices of the air shaft (5' 13")
CD: Samartzis + Pimmon + Verhagen + Brown - Grain (Dorobo)

Amongst Myselves
Sea of Rains (8' 26")
Steve Roberts, electronics
CD: Sacred Black (RMC Records: SG-13)

casein (10' 14")
Colin Bradley; George Richardson; Alice Kemp
CD: Keimar sty (Coomb: coomb01)
chpstck (4' 38")
pyrrhic (13' 8")
Colin Bradley; Sean Reynard
CD: dual.pace (CEE: CEE02)

Colin Black
Paternity (6' 13")
CD: Demo CD (Cydonian Sounds)

Bernhard Gander
f├Ęte.gare (10' 24")
Klngforum Wien/Sylvain Cambreling
CD: Demo CD (Bernhard Gander)

Playlists are stored cumulatively (for the last three months) at the website listed below. Contact us if you want to receive them by email. If you have some music that you think I might be interested in broadcasting, on tape, CD or vinyl, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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