Wednesday, June 04, 2003

[164.2] ARRIVAL OF beepSNORT

News in from Joseph Benzola, Jeff Harrington and Steve Layton have launched a new music blog featuring coverage of the online experimental and electronic music scene. With a focus on works in online distribution, beepSNORT plans to examine and curate the wild world of a genre of music which increasingly face the threat of a glut of artists calling themselves experimental but in actuality not experimenting at all. beepSNORT welcomes guest authors and plans to publish short commentaries from interesting music writers.

Harrington comments: "I'm interested in how the current electronic music scene is experiencing a blurring between academic and popular forms (as evidenced by David Horne's recent concert and another recent one at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival. "

Agent A adds: "Speaking of the blur, I thought it was cool that DJ Spooky was a participant in the roundtable set up by Philip Glass for his Andante writings I'm looking forward to the developing beepSNORT blog.."

As is NFE, of course... Meanwhile, here's an opportunity to plug our old blogospheric friends and allies, such as december and DJ Martian.

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