Thursday, March 27, 2003


Internet users can listen online to the BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards, tonight at 19.30 GMT and tomorrow at 21.00. Alongside its pioneering role in the classical arena, it is encouraging that Radio 3 has continued to champion other serious musics, and to build a small but growing 'crossover audience'. Their 'world' coverage is now among the best on the airwaves. Awards ceremonies are inherently tedious, I suppose, but this one should definitely be enlivened by the range of creative music on offer and forthright responses to the Iraq war from participants! Full details here. You can also, says the promo, "read profiles and listen to complete tracks from all this year's nominees, download our new .. screensaver and watch the TV trail. A wonderful new double album featuring all the nominees is now available. Read a review of this compilation."

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