Tuesday, March 25, 2003

[115.1] CUTTING EDGE TOUR 2003

The British Music Information Centre (BMIC) 'Cutting Edge 3' tour kicked off in Durham and Guilford earlier this month, with strong performances by Okeanos and Sound Intermedia with Clive Williamson, respectively. There are further dates in May, June and July, with more to be announced for the autumn. 'Cutting Edge' is becoming an important showcase for innovative contemporary music. Isabel Ettenauer and her toy pianos pop up in several places; pianist Tania Chen performs a funky programme in Oxford alongside New York classical ensemble The Clogs; the dynamic string group Opus 20 (which records for Robert Fripp's Discipline Global Mobile) finds its way to Nottingham; and the maverick composers and performers of Noszferatu help to launch the Cheltenham Festival. The emphasis is on British composers. The full calendar is here. Further information will be forthcoming about associated educational events, BMIC promise. There is plenty of information about some fine, intriguing younger artists at Cadenza, too.

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