Saturday, February 22, 2003


'Dusted' is a nifty e-zine from Vermont focussing on US slanted avant-, post- and indie-rock (with occasional jazz and free improv intrusions, like Daniel Carter and Reuben Radding's fine album 'Luminescence'). It includes features, reviews, lists, writers and labels. The 2002 chart database is a useful resource in its own right. Charts are compiled from top 30s submitted by approximately 40 handpicked college-affiliated/independent stations in the USA and Canada. The site is advertising free and updated daily, with up to ten reviews a week. Congratulations to Otis Hunt and Sam Hunt for this useful contribution to new music writing.

Talking of Carter and Radding, see this review of 'Language'. The OriginArts site links to Origin and OA2 Records.

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