Saturday, February 01, 2003


Composer Stefan Hakenberg, featured in January 2003 on NFE, provides his latest news:

* The publication in March 2003 of a CD on the Capstone label entitled 'Of Time and Place' with music by Craig First, Michalis Lapidakis, and of my own pieces 'Cube' played by the Phorminx Ensemble from Darmstadt/Germany and 'Wild Landscape and Underbrush' played by the Arcadian Winds from Boston.
* In July The Stroller White Pipes and Drums will premiere 'Two New Scottish Dances' I am writing for them as part of CrossSound 2003.
* I am also about to write a piece for the Wang Changyuan Guzheng Ensemble of New York but don't know, yet, when they will premiere it.
* September will see the premiere of the three song cycle 'Oder River Image' for mezzo soprano and vln, vla, vcl, fl, cl, bss, and piano in Chicago.
* Then in October a new piece for recorders, cello, kayagum, and bass koto will be premiered as part of a concert program at the Municipal Theatre in Nuremberg/Germany.
* IIIZ+ keeps on playing 'Three Zithers and a Pair of Scissors'; next season amongst other places in Berlin, Paris, and New York.

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