Tuesday, August 19, 2003

[172.1] ONION JACK

Onion Jack is the gloriously improbable name of a London-circuit indie outfit whose song-based music has been variously described as "chilled melancholia", "nothing short of radical", "quiet and tender", "beautiful", "despondent" and "wonderfully atmospheric". Co-founder Daniel Vincent tells me that his influences include everything from ambient and dance/trance to prog, acoustic and industrial rock. They obviously keep their ears open. Sounds intriguing. I haven't heard more than the odd MP3 snippet so far, but I hope that I might be able to bring you a review of the new EP, Country Mile, at some point soon. Meanwhile, the band's site gives some background. The next chance to hear them live is at the Black Sheep Bar in Croydon on 27 September 2003.

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