Monday, August 18, 2003


A wide ranging directory of piano-related and general music sites can be found at Duane Shinn's ambitious They've listed NFE, so they definitely deserve a plug here...

Talking of the 'ol joanner: I think it was hearing concert pianist, improviser and AMM artist John Tilbury that caused me to stumble across a fun archive site for The Scratch Orchestra.

Those with longer memories will recall that the Scratchies blazed gloriously in the creative afterglow of '68 until the mid-'70s, at the behest of the legendary Cornelius Cardew and others. Michael Nyman, Brian Eno and Howard Skempton are among its famous alumnii. But composer Hugh Shrapnel still has by far the best name.

The other links are on the SO page, and some are in my own left-hand column, so I won't repeat them here. Except for Shrapnel, whose moniker merits it alone.

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