Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This year I've missed a host of concerts that, in a less complicated world, I simply wouldn't have contemplated slipping past my ears. Post-minimalist contemporary classical ensemble Pianocircus with Bill Bruford alongside , for a start, and also the London live debut of innovative drummer Brufordfree form pianist Michiel Borstlap in November 2007 at the London Jazz Festival. Thankfully the BBC is helping me (and possibly you) out, because it recorded the show and it can now be heard on Wednesday the 12 December on Radio 3's 'Late Junction' at 11.15pm GMT. The duo have recently released their album, In Two Minds, on the Voiceprint label. Bruford, who is now a well-recognised jazz and experimental musician, but whose fame came from stints with Yes and King Crimson during the 'art rock' era, is interviewed on web radio here and featured in The Times newspaper here. Famous for "never playing the same thing once", he declares: "Happily jazz exists. Everyone hates ‘jazz’ but it’s the only word to describe a musician who wants to say something fresh and react to what others are doing around him." His longstanding project, Earthworks, is currently in abeyance. “It’s parked up, refuelling. The key is still in the car and I can drive it any time but I do think you do need a clear idea of what you’re doing when you play a concert.” Borstlap (left in the picture above), a conservatoire trained musician who has also moved into the zone of freedom labelled 'jazz', has had few headlines over the years (no bad thing, many would argue), but makes up for it in creativity and intensity. They are a formidable pairing.

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