Thursday, June 21, 2007


Among the many radio wonders of the web is Difficult Listening, a programme that runs from 9-11.00pm [local time] on Sunday evenings, RTRFM 92.1, Perth, Western Australia. The presenters are Bryce Moore and Sarah Combes. Its remit is: "Music on the edge: contemporary classical, electronic, industrial, ambient, improv, noise, musique concrete, sound art."

Brilliant stuff. I know I've mentioned it on NFE before, but you just can't have too many reminders of a good thing. And while we're about it, RIP-RIG to Radio 3's Mixing It, and shame on them for taking it off rather than re-inventing it. Merd. The blather about it al being part of a grand plan in which the integrity of the music it was showcasing is preserved elsewhere in a careful programming balance is, evidentially speaking, nonsense.

On a happier note, then... this past week's DL schedule includes:

* Tim Brady GO (8'45") Tim Brady, electric guitar, electronic devices CD: GO (Ambiances Magnetiques: AM 156)

* Jim Denley Masahide's Cave (8'47") Jim Denley, alto sax and recording CD: Through Fire, Crevice and the Hidden Valley (Split: 16)

* Fetisch Park Suktion (15'39") Carla Subito, Marlon Shy CD: Alluvial (Extreme: XCD 042)

These playlists are stored cumulatively, for the past three months, on the website. To receive playlists via email, follow the link on the website. We are always interested in receiving new music for broadcast.

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