Thursday, May 11, 2006


The composer Cornelius Cardew has been dead for almost twenty-five years, yet the integrity and the creative restlessness of his art, life and politics make him a figure of music's present, writes Virginia Anderson. She is editor of the Journal of Experimental Music Studies (Jems) and has played and studied experimental music since she found John Cage's 'Silence' in her local library in 1968. She is the author of British Experimental Music: Cornelius Cardew and His Contemporaries (1983; reprinted 2000) and her doctoral thesis was on Aspects of British Experimental Music as a Separate Art-Music Culture (2004). An event to celebrate and discuss the life and work of Cornelius Cardew – including performances of his music – was held in London on the 70th anniversary of his birth, 7 May 2006.

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