Monday, January 17, 2005


One of the most enjoyable end-of-year concerts I sampled was the two-night residency of exotic vocal ensemble The Shout, featuring - among others - my friend Adey Grummet, the soprano, writer and conductor. They were 'classical gig of the week' in The Independent newspaper, and got this good write-up from John L. Walters in The Guardian (see below pic).

"Originally brought together as a vehicle for the compositions of Orlando Gough and Richard Chew, the Shout's 15 singers make a virtue of their divergent backgrounds. The resulting a cappella sound - broad, rich, thrilling - has meant that the ensemble has remained unclassifiable: too awkwardly multicultural for a bench at the high table of classical music; too unpredictable to become teatime TV favourites; too tuneful to be cool. They're so good it's possible to take them for granted."

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