Wednesday, April 02, 2003


As of 28 March 2003 the Composers Recordings Inc. web address is sadly no more and their URL address leads to the New World Records label address, reports Scott Kurtz. New World hopes to ensure that virtually the entire CRI catalogue remains in print. As stock of titles run out they will in most cases eventually be reissued by New World. For those who didn't know it, a little of the CRI story is here. The company was a major outlet for contemporary classical music, including works by lesser known composers. Elliott Carter was a great supporter.

Kurtz adds, in a post to rmcc: "I have purchased about 15 CRI releases in the weeks since their impending demise was announced. I also wanted to obtain CRI disks of orchestral music by Henry Brant, Wallingford Riegger, and Karel Husa but was told by Qualiton that those titles are (for the moment at least) no longer available. Qualiton still has considerable CRI stock but supplies are dwindling and it is no longer possible to order direct from CRI." See also

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