Monday, August 22, 2016


Turning the most unlikely venue into an instrument itself, leading to a new experience of aural sculpture.

"The incorporation of traditional instruments and songs from wildly different cultures, held in a historical military site, was spooky at times. Artistic director Ann Norman played the shakuhachi, Mizrahi the violin and viola, Gruner the violin and mandolin.

"The sound of Sarah Hopkins’ harmonic whirlies – plastic tubes spun around by hand to catch the air – was reminiscent of a Peter Weir soundtrack. West Papuan musicians and activists Henk and Amanda Rumbewas brought their traditional music and protest songs, playing guitar and a goanna skin drum. Henk Rumbewas’ voice boomed through the space, ringing in the audiences’ ears. Yolngu songman Jason Gurruwiwi sang from his homelands on Elcho Island in a deep, clear voice."

Listen to Tunnel Number Five (Hel Davidson) on Soundcloud.

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