Thursday, December 12, 2013


This blog, I mean. Truth be told, a bit of both on the D or A front, I suppose. It was actually my first foray into blogging, way back in 2002. Then after a year or so, partly for professional reasons and partly for personal ones, it got shoved into the 'occasional' hole… until occasional became 'very infrequent indeed'.

Much needs to be done to bring it up to scratch. The links need an overhaul, there are posts that need adjusting, labels need adding, and so on. I kind of like the retro look. We'll see...

But NewFrontEars is what it is. For such is the untidiness of [too much] life online. It will, I imagine, continue its half-life, since music keeps surfacing in my life as an irrepressible force; though one I have been attending to far too little in recent years... to my detriment, I'm sure.

Still, I have at least one serious music writing project on the go, with a putative aim of getting it out in published form next year. No, I'm not telling. Not yet. Plus I'd like to put some money aside to get someone to help me redesign my website, various blogs, social media, work sites, etc. Here's hoping.

Meanwhile, this is one simple idea that I decided to go ahead with, as it's fun and not too much effort. Twelve Days of Christmas - a series of YouTubes I've looked at and listened to over the past year, organised into an ascending order of not-particularly-Christmassyness. There (above) you go…

Have a good rest of 2013, whoever and wherever you may be.

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