Friday, April 25, 2008


Don't know how I haven't come across this before, but there's marvellous archive footage on YouTube of Sir Michael Tippett conducting Putnam's Camp by Charles Ives in 1969. The poster, John Whitmore, has also put up other very valuable Tippett footage, which I will link in due course. He was a violinist in Sir Michael's Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra and now jointly runs the LSSO memorabilia website. Good man.


bannan61 said...

John Whitmore here - the ex LSSO fiddle player with the interest in Tippett. Glad you enjoyed the Putnam's Camp footage. It seems like yesterday but alas it was in 1969.

bannan61 said...

Thanks for your positive comments on my Tippett videos. There are around 20 of them in total. Best regards,
John Whitmore