Monday, January 12, 2004


A reviewer recently commented that, while the composer John Cage is a relatively well-known figure, his music is virtually unheard. This week London concert-goers have the opportunity to bridge that gap with an imaginative weekend of concerts, talks, films and free events in celebration of Cage. Hosted by the London Symphony Orchestra (who also give the second of a pair of concert performances of Britten's 'Peter Grimes' tonight, incidentally), the series takes place at the Barbican Centre.

Highlights include '4'33"' (along with Cowell's 'Piano Concerto' on Friday 16 January; Cage and his heroes (Ruggles, Satie and Varese, including Varese's 'Ameriques' on Saturday 17 January, followed by percussion extravaganza 'Constructions in Metal'; Cage and the New York School (Wolff, Brown, Feldman et al) including 'Concerto for Prepared Piano' and 'Song Books' on Sunday 18 January.

Josh Ronsen's very helpful John Cage Online links are also worth a visit. The sayings and epigrams are here.

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