Sunday, October 12, 2003


The primeTime sublime Community Orchestra (ptsCO) is, so it proudly proclaims, "one of the oddest, most intriguing groups of performers to arrive on the music scene in years." Combining skilled professional musicians, enthusiastic amateurs and a bank of computers, ptsCO seeks to bring a fresh sensibility to what it sees as "the often pretentious and self-absorbed world of modern music."

PtsCO: "Quintessentially normal" - NFE (c) ptsCO

PtsCO, ferociously loyal to its reversed upper and lower case aesthetic (but still, er, transgressively permitting a capital at the beginning of a sentence like this), notes that "Hip-hop and Techno artists have long demonstrated that, by piecing together wildly eclectic sounds, one can create bracing and fully modern music. So ptsCO takes the same approach, except that a standard, classical chamber orchestra is augmented with electric guitars, synthesizers, samplers and various non-western instruments, and the limits of music style are exploded to the point of no return."

D. C. Ruiz interviews ptsCO luminary Paul Minotto in The Independent Mind. The ptsCO website contains sound samples, weird tributes, and an insight into the Orchestra's recent unexpected masterpiece 'Holy War In Your Pants.'

"Very visual and cinematic stuff. It reminds me of a cross between The Residents/ Frank Zappa/ P.D.Q. Bach," observes Ontario DJ Chris Meloche. And he should know. They locked him up in the bar after a concert...

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